Mad Max avoid Explosion upset

Current MK Hockey Club Summer League champions Mad Max found themselves in one tough battle against Bogie Explosion but eventually came out 4-1 winners.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 5:00 pm

Explosion took the lead when a brave Laura Rundle beat experienced for 1st team ‘keeper Taff Morgan to the ball and slotted home from close range.

This riled a vindictive Mad Max who’s style of play soon turned malicious. This determination from the far stronger Mad Max team was fantastically thwarted by a hard working Explosion defence and special mentions have to go to keeper LJ Millers and left back Sam Gorman who time and again stood up to players used to playing at a far higher standard.

Eventually the aggression of Mad Max did break through and slowly but surely they ground out their 4-1 victory.

A very different affair took place in the Saffers against Tigers game. A good natured affair saw goals for Mark Sibson, Carl Morris and a brace for Toby King take a 4-0 win and show the league that they are no longer the whipping boys they used to be. Some outstanding saves for Zac Woolgar helped keep that score down but Tigers remain undefeated.

On Tuesday night, there were strong wins for Bogie Love and Thunderstorm winning 6-1 and 7-1 respectively.

Bogies and Calves were evenly matched for much of the first half and Bogies had to rely on their outstanding keeper Olivia Thomas on several occasions with the hapless Vincent Brown and David Mulgrew doing their impression of the chuckles brothers and failing to clear the pads allowing Calves more then their share of rebound shots that Olivia was left to expertly deal with again.

The second half though Bogies started to dominate a tiring Calves midfield and after a few smart stops from Zac Woolgar Bogies started to convert their chances to gain the victory. Bunyan followed up their impressive first win with another strong 3-1 victory over South Africa.

Bunyan’s passing team style was well matched by South Africa who copied the ‘playing it around’ style but unfortunately for them, Bunyan were simply better at it.

The last game of the night saw a youthful and talented Thunderstorm demolish a Gheckos side taking their bow in this years Summer League. The final result of 7-1 in that game and the domination of Division 2 by Corey Jamieson’s side continues.