Mervin’s magic inspires victory

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A bit of bowls magic from Merlin Figg inspired Bletchley St Martins to victory in the Top Club on Saturday morning in the pouring rain at Rickley Park.

After overcoming local rivals Bletchley Town in the previous round, St Martins were up against Aylesbury Town next.

But things didn’t get off to a good start, with St Martins down in all disciplines.

But that was until Merlin turned an 11–1 deficit in the two-wood singles into a victory with the last wood on the extra end.

Merlin’s fight back seemed to inspire the rest of the team, with Colin Higton’s trio coming from behind to win the triples.

John Coleman and Bev Cursley fought hard in the pairs before going down by just a single shot.

With Aylesbury taking the fours comfortably, it was down to John Howlett in the 4 wood singles, to play the winning bowl, which he duly did, giving StMartins another memorable victory in the unlikeliest of circumstances.