Is MK the home of national record-bursting perch?

LOOKING for seriously, absolutely HUGE perch '“ of national record size '“ then start scouring MKAA's waters!

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 5:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:41 am
Marcin Petelczyk's Caldecotte monster

Two weekends back two men shared what could be the stripy catch of all time: two perch, one weighed at 5-6-8 – and the other estimated at a mind-blowing 6-8...more than a quarter of a pound heavier than the current 6-3 national record!

Photos of both fish have been seen by MKAA's Mike Reveler, pictures in which he recognised the swims they were said to have been caught from.

The captors won't 'share' the pictures, saying they want to keep the venue under wraps to protect the fish from undue pressure...which has a ring of truth because, if they were record hunters, surely they would already have claimed?

"The heads of both fish were larger than the men's hands, huge fish in superb condition and brightly coloured," said Mike.

A couple of years back Marcin Petelczyk landed a 46.5 cm perch – hump-backed and full of spawn – from Caldecotte Lake, which he estimated at around 6lb.

And a few months later Jake Stratton bagged a 4-9 (weighed, photographed and claimed as a best-of-season) from an MKAA Ouse section, while the local canal probably has some 4s, too. MKAA's official best, caught from Tear Drops by Ken Mott almost 20 years ago, went 4-10.

FISHING the Ouse (just before the rains) Lee Jones was one happy bunny – winning more than £300 in DATS' golden peg match on Newport's Riverside Meadows with 14lb of perch and silvers. Bob Gale had 11-13-8 and Steve Chilton 8-14-8.

WILLARDS say a customer has come back reporting having had Ouse roach to 2lb...from the back of a caravan park 'at Bedford'.

REPORTING through Waters Edge, 'Toddy' had three high-doubles carp from Pines at Linford this weekend.

ALDERS open: Graham West 68lb, Matt Kearns 59lb, Colin Forsdick 55lb.

OSPREY, Decoy: Pete Carter 54-14, John Cosby 48-8, Andy Boocock and Gareth Price both 42-2.

TOWCESTER, 'back-of-the-school' Tove: Graham Martin 13-15-8, Chris Howard 8-9-8, Les Goodridge (roach to 12 ounces) 8-3.

MK Vets, Stony Main & Toombes: Neil Hughes 13-4 (nice mixed catch), Tony Richards (at next peg) 8-6, Ken Mott 5-12.

OLNEY predator match (Ouse): Kevin Lake 13-4, Ron Bull 2-9, Adam Short 0-15.

LINFORD (Christmas sweep) Boatyard cut: John Hough 8-8 – roach – Nick Barker 4-8, Eamon Bourke 3-4.

TOWCESTER Vets, Grafton cut (mostly roach): Brian Ayliff 6-5, Les Goodridge 6-1, John Balhattchet 5-9.

FIXTURES (Ouse): Dec 3 MKAA Christmas match & Jan 1 'hangover' open 01234 713144; Tues Dec 6, Olney open & Jan 10 (Xmas match) 01234 240061.

Newport pits AT pike matches, Jan 15 & 29, 07896 782715.