Furzton keeps giving up the big bites

David Johnstone's Willen 20
David Johnstone's Willen 20

Don't go getting all defeatist if you don't draw 'the point' in a Furzton match – it can be beaten, even with class anglers on it.

Pete Patton proved that in Sunday's MK summer league when, drawn along the hotel bank, the Maver MK Black man bagged a 15lb carp, four bream and some skimmers on feeder for 30-2.

GRA Ba's latest Furzton 'exotic

GRA Ba's latest Furzton 'exotic

And that put him in front of 'point' men Bob Gale (Royal Oak) 25-10 and MK White's Roger Clutton 25-6.

Though lacking a man in the frame Black Horse Black came out top on the day two points clear MK Black (23) and MK White 21.

That left 'Horse Black out front (one round to go) on 70 – way clear of MK White (56) and 'Horse Red and MK Green, both on 55 points.

DAYS earlier Furzton's roach and skimmers had been well on for MK Vets' pole-only midweeker. Kevin Osborne had 29-5, Richard Lattimer 18-10 and Phil Bardell 17-2.

IT's looking like 'musical counters' in some local tackleshops. Friday saw Fishing Republic's Stacey Bushes store shuttered with notices announcing a clearance sale. Some of its former staff will, apparently, man Angling Direct's store due to open on Winterhill.

'Republic is set to re-open as Go Fishing in its owner's Go Outdoors store...with at least one staffer from yet another MK shop!

Could be quite amusing...if it wasn't that some real people are losing their livelihoods in the changes.

TOWCESTER/Nene, Stockton: Graham Martin 84lb, Andy Law 62lb (inc a 22lb carp on pole), Paul Ramsden 57lb.

WHITE Hart Danglers, Wold Fisheries: Didder Hefferon 26-4, Brian Fisher 22-6, Ian Barnes 17lb.

OUSE open, Willington: Dave Tebbutt 11-6, Trevor Stacey 10-6, Myles Phillips 9-14.

CALVERT, Claydon Lake: (eight tench caught), Barry Witteridge 10-9, John Weatherall 9-5, Austin Maddock 7-5.

FIXTURES: Sunday, Willington qualifier Newport Ouse, 07795 068428.

IT is tragic when disease strikes a fishery – especially when those running it put as much effort in as Trevor Price does on Alders.

Even before Cefas – the ministry – confirmed that it was KHV killing fish in one of their lakes, management had voluntarily closed the venue despite heading into what should have been their most profitable weekend of the year.

Two of the half-dozen lakes have since re-opened with the rest subject to further Cefas testing. At the time of writing, at least a week had passed without further mortalities.

The KHV flare-up underlines, as the one at Ashlands did, the need for EVERY angler to routinely totally dry/disinfect all their nets, slings, cradles and so on between visits to different waters to minimise risk of virus transfer.