Aston Martin to save Red Bull?

Aston Martin may link up with Red Bull Racing
Aston Martin may link up with Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing may have found a way out of their engine nightmare as rumours of a deal with Aston Martin gathered pace at Silverstone last weekend.

The prestigious car firm, who still have ties to Milton Keynes, are part-owned by Mercedes - the current pace-setters on the grid, and rebadged Mercedes engines could help Red Bull back to the sharp end of the grid once more.

Red Bull Racing's Tilbrook base

Red Bull Racing's Tilbrook base

The team’s relationship with current engine supplier Renault is at an all-time low after an electrical problem forced Daniel Ricciardo into retirement at the British Grand Prix on Sunday.

And with a terminally under-powered engine in the back of the RB11, the Tilbrook team have failed to get on the podium this season.

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin was in attendance at Silverstone over the weekend, adding weight to the rumours, though Red Bull team principal Christian Horner tried to distance himself from the rumours.

He said: “The fact is, we have a contract with Infiniti and Renault until the end of 2016.

“Last week it was Ferrari, this week it’s Aston Martin, next week it will probably be Honda or Lamborghini, so there is a lot of speculation.

“We have a contract and commitment with Infiniti, a very good relationship with Infiniti, and anything beyond 2016 is purely speculative.”

But while Horner wasn’t ready to rock the boat, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff said he’d be ‘leaving the door open’ for Red Bull to begin talks with regards to a link up in the future.

“There are many, many things to be considered,” said Wolff.

“What happens if Renault decides to have its own team and buy another team? Will they continue to supply Toro Rosso and Red Bull, and if not what are the solutions?

“Who is going to supply them to make sure they stay in the sport?

“What does it mean for us, because until now they were the enemy? Maybe there is a new enemy. What does it mean in the great scheme of things in politics and the balance of things?

“There are no discussions, there are no discussions ongoing and nothing has been started, but you need to consider all the options – I’m leaving the door open.”