Booing means I’m winning says Vettel

Vettel on the podium
Vettel on the podium

Sebastian Vettel is happy to put up with boos from the crowds if he keeps winning races.

The three-time F1 world champion looks set to make it four in a row this year, but has been met with hostility from the fans when taking to the podium in recent weeks.

But Vettel said as long as he and Tilbrook-based Red Bull keep winning races, he can put up with the booing.

He said: “Fortunately we keep winning so they’ve got a reason to boo and as long as they keep booing, we are doing a very good job.

“It’s normal in sports if some people support one driver then they don’t like another driver to win.”

Vettel will be looking to extend his 60 point championship advantage at this weekend at the Korean Grand Prix.