Boss Horner backs Bull’s quit threat

Christian Horner.
Christian Horner.

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner believes comments made by the energy drink owner Dietrich Mateschitz were to encourage engine manufacturer Renault.

Last week, the Austrian team owner threatened to withdraw the team if they could not get a competitive engine. Horner though feels Mateschitz’s comments were to light a fire under Renault.

Horner said: “If you look carefully at his comments, he is encouraging Renault to step up and do the job properly.

“There are a lot of talented people in Viry (Renault’s HQ).

“They have a great heritage and they are better than what we are seeing.

“It’s a question of how you respond to the situation you’re in.”

Pointing at the progress Ferrari have made in the off-season, Horner hopes it will be a different story by the end of the season.

He added: “It’s a long season but hopefully at the end we will look back and say this is a low point but we recovered that situation.”