Emotional end to desert race

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Experienced racer Andrew Hack admitted he had a tear in his eye when the Red Camel Seat team crossed the line third in the Dubai 24 Hour race.

The Mursley racer teamed with Olney’s Dan Wheller, Klaus Kresnik and Kane Astin in the Seat Leon TDI for the notoriously tough endurance race.

Having never been to the circuit before, the team qualified well, and were comfortably leading the D1 class as the race got underway.

But a coming together with another car forced them into the pits for repairs, sending them to the back of the pack.

“We were running at the very back,” said Andrew. “We had to battle hard to get back up the field after effectively losing two hours in the pits to fix wheels and suspension.”

Changing drivers every 90 minutes, the team battled through the night and heat to climb back up into a competitive place.

Andrew said: “Racing endurance is so different to sprint races, but the heat in Dubai made it even harder.

“I went through four race suits because they were just soaked through.

“You drink a lot of water before your stint, but lose it all through sweat.”

And the hard work certainly paid off as the team crossed the line in third place.

Andrew added: “I’ve been in racing for nearly 30 years and I must say that was very emotional, and I had a tear in the eye.

“There was a big party afterwards, but we were all like the walking dead!