Impossible to tell who’s the quickest says Webber

Mark Webber in Barcelona
Mark Webber in Barcelona

Mark Webber can’t tell who will be on pole position in Melbourne for the first race of the season despite eight days of pre-season testing.

The F1 paddock is notorious for sand-bagging before the first race - never really giving a full impression of cars’ pace until qualifying of the first race.

Mark Webber in Barcelona

Mark Webber in Barcelona

And while teams have been honing their long-run pace and getting to know the new Pirelli tyres, no one team is standing proud at the top of the timing screens just yet.

Webber took over the RB9 testing duties from Sebastian Vettel on the final two days of testing at Barcelona last week, completing 172 laps - 64 of them in the wet conditions which hampered proceedings on Friday.

And with just one more four-day test to go before the teams head to Australia for the opening round of the season, Webber is none the wiser about who will be leading the way in Melbourne.

He said: “As usual at tests, the question of the pecking order comes up all the time but, honestly, I have no idea.

“There are a few quick cars out there, but in winter testing it’s so hard to say if anyone’s better than anyone else, especially with the tyres going off the way they are – you’re losing four or five seconds over the course of a stint, so figuring out who’s doing what is pretty difficult.

“All we can do is keep pushing, keep developing and keep our eyes fixed on the first race.”

“We’re back here next week and we’ll do more of the same for sure: ongoing investigations into how the tyres work, learning more about those, checking how they perform in different temperatures, all of that kind of thing.

“That will be right at the top of the list but also we’ll undoubtedly be doing some performance stuff, which you constantly need to keep putting on the car in order to stay close to the front.”

The final test gets underway on Thursday.