Newey bored of flexi-wing controversy

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TECHNICAL director Adrian Newey has admitted that he’s growing frustrated with rival teams questioning the legality of his 2011 Red Bull car,

Following a season of controversy surrounding the flexibility of the title-winning RB6’s front wing in 2010, the Newey-designed RB7 is also coming under close scrutiny.

But the director, who has designed more championship winning cars than any other, says their advantage is down to the way his drivers set up their car.

“We choose to run the car with quite a lot of rake - that means high at the rear, low at the front. Others, McLaren for instance, have chosen to take the opposite route,” he said.

“They run the car with quite low-rake. Once you run the rear low, that means the front wing is automatically high.”

“To be honest, it’s a bit boring,” he added. “I’ve had a season of people moaning about our front wing last year.

“The tests were made even more rigorous by the FIA, it’s examined in great detail… I mean, frankly, I think it’s an effort by one team in particular to get a change in regulations because the regulations are very clear in terms of what you can and cannot do with the front wing.”

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel currently leads the Formula 1 drivers’ championship with two wins and a second place from the opening three races, and his team sit top of the constructors’ championship by 20 points over their nearest rivals McLaren.