Ruben claims Kart title in Bletchley

BRKC podium at Formula Fast
BRKC podium at Formula Fast

A stand-out performance from reigning BRKC champion Ruben Boutens saw him claiming victory for the third time at the British Rental Kart Championship, which took place at Formula Fast in Bletchley last weekend.

One of the biggest events on the karting calendar, the BRKC attracted hundreds of drivers – professional and amateur - from all over Europe, as they competed to take home a £1,000 cash prize and seeded entry into the Kart World Championship, which takes place this July in Italy.

Formula Fast has hosted the championship for the past three years, with Ruben taking the title each time despite the level of competition increasing substantially year-on-year.

Owner and Race Director, Phil Stanley, said: “Ruben has proved that he is simply the best! He has retained his title for the third year in a row now which is impressive, especially with so many competitors from upper levels of motorsport now taking part. He’s the first driver to have won more than twice in the six years the BRKC has been running.”

The BRKC took place over three days, from 15 – 17 January, at the racing venue in Bletchley; the ten racers with the highest points total qualified for the Grand Final on Sunday. Closely following Ruben to the podium were Lewis Manley and Stefan Verhofsté; all three automatically get free entry into the Kart World Championship as part of Team GB.

Phil adds: “This year’s championship was exceptional; each year the standard of the drivers gets higher and higher, and it’s really exciting to host and run a fully broadcast, world-class event at our circuit. The British Rental Kart Championship is the beginning of what’s set to be another great year for us here at Formula Fast; our new multi-driver simulator experience, BluePrint, proved itself a hit with the motorsport fans here over the weekend and we still have more to come for 2016.”