Sam scores on his debut

Sam Oram Jones (GBR) SWB Motorsport Formula Renault
Sam Oram Jones (GBR) SWB Motorsport Formula Renault

Sam Oram-Jones was pleased with his performance after making his debut in the Protyre Formula Renault Championship at Donington Park.

The 16-year-old Webber Independent School student finished 12th and ninth in the first two races around the Leicestershire circuit, but failed to finish in the last race of the day.

Sam Oram Jones (GBR) SWB Motorsport Formula Renault

Sam Oram Jones (GBR) SWB Motorsport Formula Renault

Oram-Jones stepped up to the single-seater class after a highly successful karting career, and showed huge improvements during qualifying, getting faster and faster.

And he continued to gain experience in the races too, using the opening one to gain further mileage and notch up his first points’ finish, when he came home in 12th, before upping the ante in the second race .

Indeed he not only brought it home in ninth in race two, but he was also managing to stay with the pack.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t show further progress in the third race as he was taken out at the start, but it was still nevertheless a very encouraging weekend.

“It went extremely well and we were very happy with the end performance,”he said. “In the second race we found another half a second and we consistently stayed within about three to four tenths off the mid-pack.

“We were very happy with that because that is what we were aiming to do and what we are aiming for as the season goes on.

“The third race we were just a bit unfortunate at the start as another car lost control and went into me and broke the steering column. But it was a racing incident.

“We moved forward from qualifying and we moved forward in the two races.

“We would have made further progress and would have gone even better in the third race too had we not been forced out.

“We are still happy though, and we will go faster at Brands next month. It will be awesome to go there.”

SWB Motorsport Team Manager Simon Baldry said Oram-Jones had done a ‘mega job’.

“He has kept learning every time the car has moved,” he said. “Even when he hasn’t been in it, he has been looking at all the data and the video footage and we have been going through things with him.

“Sammy did really well over this weekend.

“All the things that we ask of him he does. As a team we cannot ask for anymore.

“He has done a mega job.”