Usual positions for Red Bull Racing in Spain

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing were once again third best in the first free practice session at the Spanish Grand Prix on Friday morning.

Despite several updates to the RB13, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were fifth and sixth in FP1 in Barcelona, behind the Mercedes and Ferraris.

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Verstappen, who won the race on his debut for Red Bull last season, was fifth fastest with a 1:22.706, while Ricciardo was sixth with 1:23.084, but a long way clear of Kevin Magnussen in the Haas in seventh. Lewis Hamilton topped the timing sheets with a 1:21.521 in the heavily modified Mercedes W08.

On Thursday, amidst rumours of an entirely new Red Bull car being introduced for the race, Daniel Ricciardo downplayed speculation, admitting: "It's still the same car itself.

"As always at this time of the year, it's big aero stuff. The real mechanical side of the car, you've kind of got what you've got, it's mainly bits which are predominantly aero, sidepods, wings and all that kind of stuff.

"It's pretty much that we can really play with. The guys have redesigned and tried to give us a bit more.

"There are a lot of bolt on bits, but it's still the same car itself, so that's why we've got to be a bit careful to not expect too much, but these bolt-ons should give it some.

"Hopefully (we will be) closer, but I don't think we can expect to come out and win this weekend. We want to, we would like to, but we can't really expect it.

"Even if the update gives us a second, OK, it puts us maybe there, but we know that Mercedes and Ferrari aren't going to come here with nothing.

"Our target is to at least close the gap, and then we'll see."