Webber wants one more victory

Webber celebrates second place in Abu Dhabi
Webber celebrates second place in Abu Dhabi

Mark Webber is keen to see out his F1 career with his 10th victory.

The Australian leaves Tilbrook at the end of the season to take on a job with Porsche as enter the LMP1 category at Le Mans next year, but with back-to-back podiums, he has his eyes set on one last win.

Speaking after his second place finish at Abu Dhabi, Webber said: “It would have been good to win, but we got second and I’ll go to Austin and try and do better.”

And he made a good attempt of things in Abu Dhabi, out-qualifying team-mate Sebastian Vettel and landing pole position.

But off the start, Vettel was just too good and jumped his Red Bull team-mate to take the lead.

Webber was also over-taken by Nico Rosberg, who tried in vain to chase after Vettel.

Webber though bided his time and closed the gap to Rosberg in front, using DRS to breeze past the Mercedes before the first round of pit-stops.

From there, he didn’t look back and was well in control of his own race in second.

Afterwards though, he admitted to having no answer to his team-mate’s incredible pace.

He said: “Seb was on another planet today and was very, very strong in the first stint.

“He was super quick and his tyres didn’t wear out, which is a recipe for disaster for the rest of the opposition, me included.

“Nico had a very good start on both Sebastian and I, but fortunately it wasn’t a long run to the first corner.

“We got under way from there and I attacked Nico on the first lap, but then we had to look after the tyres, so we waited and then on lap eight or nine we were in trouble with the rears.

“I made a good move on Nico to get back into position.”