Webber win was not a fix says Horner

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CHRISTIAN Horner has rubbished conspiracy theories surrounding Mark Webber’s first win of the season at Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix in F1’s season finale.

The Australian took top spot on the podium after team-mate Sebastian Vettel suffered a gearbox problem, forcing him to drop behind Webber on lap 30. But Vettel remained comfortably ahead of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso throughout the 71 lap affair, prompting some to question whether the world champion had a problem at all and that the move aimed to help Webber earn second place in the overall standings.

“Anybody that listened to the conversation between the race engineer or looked in the back of the garage at the amount of activity that was going on over that gearbox,” Red Bull boss Horner said.

“Of course there will always be people that have theories, but categorically that gearbox, how on earth it got to the end of the race is beyond me. Thankfully it did. If anyone thinks that was concocted in any way, I can absolutely hand on heart guarantee you that based on the blood pressure on the pit wall you can rest assured it was a genuine issue.”

But Webber was more than happy to take his seventh win of his career, even though it wasn’t enough to get him into second in the standings.

He said: “It’s a win that you’ll take, for Seb that’s bad luck or whatever you want to call it, but it’s a very important win for me and team.

“It’s great to finish on a high. I enjoyed the last few laps in particular, as it’s always nice to pit later and cover people off.”