Catches come thick and fast despite the cold snap

The latest angling news from around Milton Keynes

Friday, 5th November 2021, 11:45 am

Carl Amos-Granger's Lodge 26

IT has been a great week for some – despite the weather – and Tom Carter was among those reaping the bounty.

Bradwell Lake’s silvers may be notorious for being past masters of hide-’n-seek, but this time he was the right man in the right spot on the right day.

Tom Carter with 20lb of prime Bradwell roach

Finding a good chop on the water he went out with single red maggot under a float, feeding half-a-dozen every cast...and put together 20lb+ of chunky, prime roach (pictured by Paul Morton) a run of fish only coming to an end when the wind died down.

Fish that size were not spawned this year, so for others it must be just a question of finding the right spot at the right time...

ROACH were on form for Newport’s river match, too, with 20lb needed to get into the frame as Ivor Stokes continued his run of form with 25-8 at Sherington. Graham Prince bagged 23-14 with Dave Tebbutt third on 20-14 ahead of Eamon Burke 19-12.

Cracking perch – a 3-8 from Furzton for Jay Todd

ON Furzton Jay Todd had a real surprise when he landed an amazing – for that water – perch sending the scales all the way to 3-8!

CARP were moving prior to the first frosts with Norbi Kinces smashing his PB with a 42lb mirror at Alders.

Alvah Eszenyi: four fish to 18-3

Carl Amos-Granger banked a 26 on Lodge, while at Furzton Alvah Eszenyi had four fish to 18-3 as Oliver Spencer had a nice double too.

THANKFULLY most of MK escaped the worst of Sunday’s mini-hurricane which left a trail of destruction across South Northants.

But things were still pretty rough for Frank Norford who spent a hairy spell clinging to the bank and his bivvie on Bradwell...all the while watching baby ‘twisters’ storming across the lake.

The freak winds had already forced an early finish for Lagoon’s match as they swept across Furtho’s bottom lake, wrecking bollies and tipping Austin Maddock off his box! Dave Lewis won with the 5-8 he’d caught when the match was abandoned. Anthony Keen was among those forced to give it best on Furzton.

TOWCESTER, Tove: Mick Goodridge 8-6 (inc a pound roach he managed to land while struggling to stop the hurricane destroying his brolly), John Broughton 6-3, John Balhatchett 4-14.

MK Vets, canal, Cosgrove: Kevin Osborne 7-1, Mick Hefferon 6lb, Steve Chilton 5-13.

TOWCESTER Vets, canal, Banbury Lane: John Balhatchett 5-8, John Broughton 4-13, Bas Eaton 4-7.