Maver MK just miss out on Angling Trust winter series

The latest catches from in and around Milton Keynes

<p>Nice pike for Aidan Rennie   </p>

Nice pike for Aidan Rennie

SO near yet so far – that was Maver MK (Matchgroup) in this year’s Angling Trust winter league series at Castle Ashby.

With Black Horse looking all set for the title, they’d gone into Sunday’s final round scrapping like ferrets in a sack with Chiltern Baits – the winner of that tussle able to claim an all-important place in the regional semi alongside ‘Horse.

As the results came in things were looking good for MK as they tied top on points on the day with ‘Horse – and ‘Baits slipped a bit as they were pushed into fourth by ‘Ashby Youth.

But...a count back of section wins saw MK kicked back into second by three wins to four.

And the lost point meant ‘Baits squeezed past them into the overall runner’s up spot and a ticket to the semi.

Ian Smith – Matchgroup 'Ashby star

MK’s Ian Smith had top weight of the match on the day with 39-1 while their Bryn Wignall, 22-16, and Mark Morgan 16-6, also won sections.

LEAGUE: ‘Horse 10, ‘Baits 16, MK 17, Colmic 22, ‘Youth 27, RAF 35, A Team 41.

FLOYD Edwards is set on breaking the MKAA pike record this season – and as a start he has banked a 22-3 and a 16-12 from Willen. Go for it Floyd!

Roger Stratton's Mount Farm croc

Golden oldie Roger Stratton is on a croc mission, too. Haunting Beacon’s Mount Farm he’s had a 17-4 and a 16-8 in recent weeks.

At the other end of the age scale young Aiden Rennie had a couple of nice snappers in a short session while on his way home from playing football.

A SHORT pleasure session on Towcester’s Silverlake saw matchman Mick Goodridge, net five bream and a roach shoal for well over 20lb.

ALDERS affordable open: A section Dan Fox 58lb, Glen Coburn 36lb; B section Ian Simner 42-8, Jim Stubbins 41lb.

MK Vets, Newport Ouzel: Paul Chapman (roach) 34-12, Don King (bream) 15-8, Paul Hamilton 12-2.

Olney winner Mark Pollard

OLNEY fur & feather, Ouse: Mark Pollard 10-4, Joe Roberts 8-11, Dave Mawby 7-6.

DATS Christmas match, canal, Castlethorpe: Paul Chapman 8-15 (inc a 5lb bream), Bob Gale 5-1, Ernie Sattler 4-13.

NENE/Towcester, River Nene, Billing: Brian Beard, one bream 6-7, John Broughton, one bream 3-13, Andy Kimpton, one beam 3-12-8 – nine from 13 blanked!

FIXTURES: Dec. 29, Nene open, canal, Stoke Bruerne bottom lock; Jan. 1, MKAA ‘hangover open’ 01234 713144; Jan. 9. Newport individual pike champs, Sherington pits.