Morris makes the best of the wet Milton Keynes weather

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MITCH Ridgway's Lodge carpMITCH Ridgway's Lodge carp
MITCH Ridgway's Lodge carp

TWO days of lashing gales SHOULD have coloured Furzton up a treat for the weekend festival but the lake stayed clear with fish shoaled up and the carp on holiday.

But that didn't stop Morris Williams filling his boots with 16+ kilo on day one and 31+ kilo on the second for a total of 48.250 – all caught at distance on worm and caster.

And that put him well clear of Graham West's 39.430 total and Dave Martin's 37.550.

IAN Burt's 75lb bream bagIAN Burt's 75lb bream bag
IAN Burt's 75lb bream bag

Most weights in the match run by Pete Patton and Mike Buchwalder were fair-sized bream with smaller silvers appearing to have disappeared.

Quite why the lake has gone so clear is a mystery, but it has. Maybe the up-down weather has something to do with it, perhaps aided by an abundance of filter-feeding mussels?

ON Lodge Ian Burt was also among decent-sized bream, netting some 75lb in a session using corn on feeder.

Carp were coming out too. Mitch Ridgway had fish of 22-13, 14-7 and 14lb in a purple patch outing, while Andrew Wojcik had a 22 from Tear Drops and Paul Andrews a 19 at Bradwell where Steve Sentini netted an 8lb bream.

CASTING lures into the teeth of a gale brought Jason Augustus this Willen snapperCASTING lures into the teeth of a gale brought Jason Augustus this Willen snapper
CASTING lures into the teeth of a gale brought Jason Augustus this Willen snapper

ON Newport's Big Pit James Scobie banked two good carp despite drifting weed, and Tony Keen had three carp to 24lb from Furzton.

PUNCHING lures into the teeth of a real blow on Willen brought Jason Augustus some reward in shape of a nice summer pike.

FISHING to get over a health problem, Dennis Buller loves every minute as he walks miles – dropshotting tiny lures, mostly on the canal.

Catching mainly perch, almost all under four inches long, this week he was delighted with a new PB stripey of 8 to 10 ounces.

Hats of to Den (and a swift recovery). He is the personification of fishing for the sheer fun of it!

MARSH AC, Alders: Mick Wright 170-12, Keith Ashby 134-4, Mark Fox 131-12.

TOWCESTER Vets, Barby Banks: John Broughton 42-14, Dave Brench 38-4, Tosh Saunders 28-4.

NEWPORT, Sherington Bridge Ouse: Paul Abbott 9-10, Don King 9lb, Steve Davies 7-14

NENE and Towcester, Silverlake: Les Ramsden 9-8, John Balhatchett 6-4, Chris Howard 5lb.

OLNEY, Ouse, evening: Neale Shearne 8-13, Graheme Prince 8-3, Paul Reynolds 7-12.

FIXTURES: Sunday, Bradwell, Lodge and Tear Drops closed for matches; Nene canal open match, Yardley Gobion wharf, 07711086436.

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