Mount Farm carp come biting in the sunshine

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By The Newsroom
Thursday, 21st April 2022, 10:30 am
<p>Simon with Beacon's 'The Pretty One' at 34-4</p>

Simon with Beacon's 'The Pretty One' at 34-4

OUT came the sun – and out came the carp...with at least four Mount Farm fish topping the 30lb mark!

Biggest of the bunch was Beacon’s ‘The Pretty One’ which this time out fell to Simon at 34-04 as Ryan had a 30-14, Ben a 30-4 and Tony a 30.

Rob Bara's Furzton 31-3

But big fish were moving even before the sun shone and Rob Bara netted a Furzton 31-3.

The largest reported from the lake for quite a while, it is still not the venue record. That was a 35-8 common landed by Mick Dowsett back in 2007 – MKAA’s record for a while before Caldecotte and Willen took over.

IT was his PB for the lake...but Ian Hall will never know for sure quite how big his Bradwell carp – estimated at over 20 – was as he’d forgotten his scales.

The lake has also produced bream to 8lb and tench over 6 in recent days...though a weekend match there was a mass blank.

Dale Owen  and Clive Bowerman had some nice carp on Tear Drops.

Martin Hart's 'big 3' perch from Alders

A SESSION on Alders brought Martin Hart a ‘big 3’ perch.

IN a multi-thousand-pound stocking funded by MKAA, the Parks Trust, and Lodge night syndicate members, several hundred tench from six-inches to 2lb, plus a number of carp from 7 to 9lb were added to Lodge Lake last week. Then MKAA added tench from 12 ounces to 2lb, and some sub-double carp, to Bradwell Lake.

MATCHGROUP’s Ian Smith netted 172lb in a Howe End open...but still went second!

Canal winner Andy Swift weighed in almost 40lb!

MK’s canal teams-of-four league opened with a bang as Andy Swift (Browning Central) won with 36-13 of bream. Paul Chapman (Team Pick) had 18-7, Wayne Robinson (Colmic Northants Red) 14-15.

The 40 pegger was on the New Inn and Galleon sections, with the-top three all on the latter.

Top teams on day: Browning Central 25pts, Colmic Northants Red 20, Matrix Image 20,  (third on weight).

TOWCESTER Vets, Barby Banks: Dave White 25-11, Brian Ayliff 20-11, Les Goodridge 20-14.

MK Vets: Canon’s Ashby: Paul Chapman with 14-2, Nigel Steel 13-12, Ernie Sattler 11-3.

LAGOON beat Brackley on St James’s lake with their Paul Swain 11-14 and Dave Lewis 11-9 taking 2nd and 3rd.

TOWCESTER, Silverlake: Mick Goodridge 13-12, Les Goodridge 13-8, Dave White 10lb.