No surprises in MK's summer league

SUMMER League individual champ Pete Patton (right) and runner-up Dave BaggleySUMMER League individual champ Pete Patton (right) and runner-up Dave Baggley
SUMMER League individual champ Pete Patton (right) and runner-up Dave Baggley
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MK's summer league is all done and dusted – with odds on favourites Preston Black Horse Black both series winners and top on the day.

The heatwave was already on the way out, but the cooling-off came too late to put the fish on feed, and many found themselves struggling on both Lodge and Tear Drops.

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Top weight went to Maver MK Red's Carl Yeowell with 55-4 of Lodge bream – way clear of Ex-Tackle Hub's Richard King on 29-1 and Fishing Republic's Steve Carr with 23-9.

SANDOR Varga is a happy man with this 27-3SANDOR Varga is a happy man with this 27-3
SANDOR Varga is a happy man with this 27-3

'Horse Black finished top team on the day four points clear of Ex 'Hub' 30 with MK Red third on 28.

FINAL table: 'Horse Black 116, Ex-Tackle Hub 105, MK Black 102, MK Red 98, MK Green 90, Team Erm 78, Golden Oldies 78, MK White 76, Three Steves 71, Fishing Republic 57.

MK Black's Pete Patton emerged as series individual champ – but paid a price in shape of three agonising insect bites to his back (on Lodge) in Sunday's round. MK Red's Dave Baggley had tied with him on 30 points but went second on weight. Rob Dzialak was third on 31.

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MORE than 20 youngsters turned out for Olney's junior match on the club's Ouse, with Alfie Nicholls scooping the prizes with 3-1. Kartlyn Scowen had 1-9-8 and Isla Brown 1-9.

ROBERT Bara's 21-6ROBERT Bara's 21-6
ROBERT Bara's 21-6

THE going has been hard for most during the hot weather, but Sandor Varga had a 27-3 common from Furzton with Robert Bara getting a 21-6. Nic Brierton had an 18-2 on Newport's pits.

KINGFISHER, Black House: Bob Gale 56lb, Mitch 48lb, Craig Knight 38lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, Napton: John Broughton 55-5, Paul Minney 54-2, Tony Hirst/John Balhatchett 35lb each.

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NENE/Towcester, Furzton: Mark Tottenham 31-6, Geoff Ringer 16-4, Matt Webb 12-8.

CALVERT, Hill Cottage Farm: Mark Penwell 23-15, Barry Witteridge 18lb, Ben Holdaway 13-11.

MK Vets, Tear Drops: Richard Lattimer 13-3, Steve Chilton 12-14, Martin Cunniffe 8-1.

OLNEY Ouse, Tuesday, 21 totalled 128lb of silvers: Paul Caton 13lb, Joe Roberts 10-1, Dave Tebbutt 9-6.

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WELLINGBOROUGH, canal, Yardley Gobion Wharf: Ady Stokes 11-3, Pete Laughton and Les Webster both 7-5.

FIXTURES: Furzton Festival; Wed., Aug 26, Ken Ball memorial (over 55s), 01908 565446; Mon., Aug 29, Frank Swan memorial open, GoneFishin 01908 313158 – sections A, B & C closed for both. Olney's up-coming Brimley cup is already a 40 peg sell-out.

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