Preparation pays off for Paul

Sometimes a fishing trip involves lots of preparation – but Paul Housego went to extremes as he spent six months readying his bait.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 3:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 4:48 pm
Paul Housego with his 44-2 French 'lady'

But all that thoughtful effort paid off as, during a tough week on Old Oaks Lake near Le Mans, he netted no less that three 40s.

He banked fish of 44-2, 40-8 and 40-4 among his mates struggled unsuccessfully to avoid 'nuisance' fish chomping on their boilies.

He had no such problems, having opted to fish plastic tiger nuts, baits which he had spent six months marinating in garlic oil (well, he was after French fish).

JACK Sharpe and Big Pit 22-8

Bream apart, the main nuisance species was something known as 'chat': "And the chat don't seem to touch plastic baits," said Paul.

BEACON have caught two men trying to steal a bagful of silvers from their Mount Farm pits, an incident now being investigated by a local police wildlife officer. The club is pushing for prosecution.

Please keep an eye open for fish theft in all forms, and report it if you see anything suspicious. Last week, following a tip-off from a helpful dog-walker, MKAA bailiffs freed a large carp hooked on a dead-line tied to a tree in a stream which flows into the Bletchley end of Furzton.

Furzton bailiffs also chased off a man seen sawing branches off trees – in broad daylight – in an attempt to steal firewood

MICHAEL Cole, 'Pretty chuffed' with his first Furzton carp

FISHING Newport's Big Pit Jack Sharpe had a 22-8 common two days after bagging an 18.

GETTING in before the carp appeared to start spawning, Michael Cole was 'pretty chuffed' at catching his first Furzton carp, a nice common, while Mitchell Ridgeway, Chris Denton and Ben Hislop all had a few.

BANK holiday open, Alders: Josh Blavins 321lb, Nick Darke 273lb, Derek Smith 258lb.

OSPREY, club league round, Alders: Ed Blane 162lb, Chris Lovelock 149lb, Gareth Price 140-12.

DANGLERS, Howend Fishery: Ian Barnes 83-4, Didder Hefferon 46-2, Ian Wass 26lb.

MILL Pond: Myles Phillips 26lb, Ernie Sattler 18-4, Steve Davies 15-8.

MK Vets, Tear Drops: Martin Cunniffe 17-13, Richard Lattimer 9-10, Dave Cantrell 8-6.

TOWCESTER/Nene, Heyford Fishery: Chris Howard 3-4, Les Ramsden 2-6, Les Goodridge 1-8.