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Ray House – TWO 'twenties' in a sitting!Ray House – TWO 'twenties' in a sitting!
Ray House – TWO 'twenties' in a sitting!

TWO ‘twenties’ in a sitting – and one of them a new pike PB – that was Ray House’s good fortune on a city lake!

Following four moves during a blank morning on a local lake, he decided to sit tight and soak up the sunshine for the afternoon.

And catching some rays looked like all he was in for until a slow take on deadbait ‘left him well pleased’ with a 19-7 in the net.

Sitting back content, it was only an hour before he had another run – and was into his 24-4 PB, which was followed by a 12.

"I’ve had good days, but two fish like that in hour has to be my best," said Ray. "It was a fabulous day’s piking. I was absolutely buzzing."

Steve Beale's Ouse barbelSteve Beale's Ouse barbel
Steve Beale's Ouse barbel

ON Newport’s river, Steve Beale banked a 7-4 barbel...which was a bit like lightning striking twice as he’d had a slightly larger one from the same area a week earlier.

Gary Maton on the chub trail Gary Maton on the chub trail
Gary Maton on the chub trail

WITH 10 days left to the end of the river season, many have been on the chub trail. Gary Maton managed five on bread on one Ouzel jaunt, together with a small pike.

Mark Fisher had a nice one on the Ouse after switching from flake to cheese paste, while two Ouzel chub to 4-4 took a shine to Steve Barber’s flake.

Old hand Phil Mapp was in action on the Ouse, getting at least one chub which must have been 5lb+.

MKAA’s ‘hangover open’, postponed from New year’s Day, fished on the Ouse around Stony, was big fish or...not a lot. Don King won with 27-11 (five bream, and two chub to 5lb), Paul Hack had 5-15 (one bream), Kevin Osborne 4-5 (one chub) and Dave Tysoe 2-1.

Rob Hewison: a winner at OlneyRob Hewison: a winner at Olney
Rob Hewison: a winner at Olney

OLNEY’s Knight Shield, series grand final, on the Ouse: Rob Hewison 6-4, mainly roach on pole. Nigel Porter had a chub for 2-14 and lost a bigger one. Paul Caton had 2-13.

MK Vets, canal, Cosgrove: Ernie Sattler 9-8, Paul Chapman 6-7, Colin Chart 6lb.

NENE/Towcester, canal, Stoke Bruerne: Paul Minney 4-9, Dave Rose 4-7, Graham Martin 3-12.

FIXTURES: Sunday (March 6), MK Grand Slam, 01234 713144.

THERE was a big turn-out for the late Bob Gale’s recent funeral at Crownhill. His family posted on facebook that: "It was so heart-warming to see so many people and hear all the kind words and lovely stories that you shared with us; he would have been very touched."

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