Record finish for MKKAC at the Road Relay

It was a record breaking weekend for MMKAC as they finished the National Six Stage Road Relay in their highest ever position.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 11:45 am

With each member of the team completing the 6km lap, the senior A squad finished a brilliant 19th out of 80.

Each team member ran a lap of just under 6km and James Tuttle got the “A” team off to a superb start coming home 13th with their best time of 17.47. Paul Mizon ran leg 2 in 17.56 moving the team into seventh.

Elliot Hind dropped to 12th (18.39) and then Tom Comerford ran 18.49 (14th). Jamie Seddon ran the penultimate leg in 19.05 (19th) with Graham Jones clocking the same time on the anchor leg and holding 19th – a top 20 position – something to really shout about.

Their “B” team closed in 52nd (14th in this category) with the team of Sam Winters (18.43/48th). Chad Lambert (19.38/55th), Ian Wood (19.28/51st), Steve Tuttle (19.26/48th), Jeremy Vick (51st/21.00) and finally Stephen Ratcliffe (21.48/52nd).