Slabs take the bait in Furzton's charity bash

A shoal of decent slabs queued up to take Steve Roe's bait in Sunday's Furzton Charity bash, and he ended up with 89-1 despite the heat.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 2:49 pm
CHARITY match winner Steve Roe with organiser Paul Chapman

Way back from that Ray Baker made second with 38-4 followed by 'Moz' Williams on 33-12 in a match, organised by Paul Chapman and friends, raising some £450 for Haemochromatosis Awareness.

Thanks to the Parks Trust the far bank was 'in' enabling the event to include a 'pole only' sweep which saw class act Ernie Sattler win with 24-8 of roach with Richard Lattimer on 23-11 as Paul Abbott had 22-9.

FURZTON was over-shadowed by Lodge in the previous week's summer league round fished on both lakes plus Tear Drops – with top weight coming from Lodge as Maver MK White's Roger Clutton had 53-12.

DAVE Bell and his lad shared 8 nice carp overnight on Furzton

Top team on the day were MK Black with 48-6 after tying on points with Black Horse Black (38-11).

'Black currently lead overall on 45 with Maver MK Green on 43, 'Horse Red on 40 and Tackle Hub (help the aged) on 39.

WOLVERTON Mill is a different place since MK Parks Trust spent two days on it with their weedcutting boat and some MK bailiffs spent hours returning small fish caught up in the cut weed. Later, Chris Barrett had four carp out on floaters, and Tony Lawrence a few, too.

MKAA had treated both lakes with blue dye back in May but the weed came back as though on steroids!

DARIUS Strazdauskas with cracking Bradwell tench of 6lb and 6-2

STEAVE Cooper had a 20-8 mirror from Mount Farm.

TARGETING tench on Bradwell Lake over near MK, Darius Strazdauskas had a beautiful brace scaling 6lb and 6-2.

DAVE Bell and his young lad caught eight carp during an overnighter on Furzton, including one lump hooked just four foot from the bank.

DANGLERS, Alders: Robin Stoney 110-8, Ian Barnes 79-4, Ian Wass 57-4.

TOWCESTER Vets, Bishops Bowl: John Broughton 85-4, Les Goodridge 84-10, John Balhatchett 71-14.

NENE/Towcester, Bishops Bowl: Bob Pottinger 75-10, John Broughton 70-2, Kevin Elliot 57lb.

MK VETs, Tear Drops: Richard Lattimer 15-12, Mick Sutton 15-10, Ernie Sattler 11-13.

CALVERT, Hill Cottage: Dave Lewis 14-6, John Robinson 6-14, Barry Witteridge 5-5.

OLNEY, Ouse: Midweek evening, Chris Howard 7-7, Andy Webster 6-12, Gary Underwood 4-14.

THIS heat is not great for fish. If anyone sees dead or distressed fish please call the EA immediately on 0800 80 70 60 – it's a free call even on a mobile.