Perfect marriage for Milton Keynes’ golden couple

Gabby and Chris Adcock
Gabby and Chris Adcock

Walking around the lake together, laughing and throwing a ball for their fluffy little terrier, Chris and Gabby Adcock appear no different to any other young married couple.

But these childhood sweethearts share a sporting success story that is literally a world first.

MPMC Matt and Gabby Adcock wedding

MPMC Matt and Gabby Adcock wedding

Last week Chris, 25, and 23-year-old Gabby smashed their way to gold together in the Commonwealth Games mixed doubles badminton.

They are the first husband and wife couple ever to achieve this feat in the badminton world.

This week, with their medals displayed side by side in the trophy cabinet at their Oakgrove home, the couple spoke to the Citizen about their unique partnership.

“We’re really just ordinary actually, and we’re probably quite boring by other people’s standards!” says Gabby.

“When we’re not training we watch cookery programmes, cook together and take the dog for a walk. Often we’re so exhausted from training we just sit on the sofa and chill. But we love our lives and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

Training consumes six hours a day, six days a week.

“We always train together of course,” says Gabby. “In fact, we pretty much spend every minute of every day together. When we’re apart it feels horrible.”

The pair met eight years ago as teenagers both playing the junior badminton circuit.

Chivilrous Chris insists: “It was love at first sight.”

Gabby giggles: “Oh dear, I’ll have to say the same now he’s said that, won’t I?”

Despite their strict sporting regime, the couple refuse to let their lives be dominated by badminton.

Says Gabby: “We decided to get a dog specifically to give us something else to focus on and something we could enjoy together.

“I wanted a West Highland terrier and Chris said if we had to have a small, white and fluffy dog then he should at least be allowed to chose a manly name. So our dog’s called Bowser, which is really macho!”

Boswer and his besotted owners recently moved to a new house at Oakgrove from Shenley Church End.

“People are lovely here,” said Gabby. “When we got back from the Commonwealth Games the neighbours had sent cards of congratulations. It was so nice of them.”

She and Chris this week enjoyed a few days of dog-walking before resuming their strict training schedule.

Says Gabby: “We can’t slacken off – we have the world championships in three weeks’ time. and then, of course, there’s Rio. That’s our ultimate ambition.”