Phil nets his own Beast from the East

Top of the pile '“ chub meister par-excellence '“ that's Phil Mapp...the man who went out Sunday evening and banked a new PB. To order!

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 3:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 4:14 pm
The 'chub meister' Phil Mapp with new PB caught to order

Having had an enforced lay-off for a few weeks, he was desperate to get some in before the river flooded with snow melt-water and, arriving on the banks of the Ouse, cheerfully posted 'New PB tonight' on facebook.

That on-line prophesy may have been more optimism than expectation...

But, two hours later he was back on with a picture of a 6-13 – a fish adding a clear five ounces to his previous personal best!

Not the biggest, but Ian Woodman's Ouzel fish lit up his day

And, still on cloud nine, he admitted the deep-bodied cracker had put up an 'awesome scrap'.

Back before Christmas Phil had turned up decent chub after decent chub, whatever the weather, during a series of short Ouse trips – either just before or just after work – seemingly demonstrating an ability to think like a chub.

ANOTHER with a built-in nose for chevins is Gary Maton who perpetually haunts the Ouzel. His latest trip to the snowy banks saw him net four to around 3lb and lose two more. Ian Woodman also managed an Ouzel chub, helping underscore the river's reliability whatever the weather.

MOST matches fell victim to the weather this week, cancelled in light of weather forecasts dominated by 'The Beast from the East'. But, the day before the snow, Towcester's Vets found an ice-free spot on the cut at Blisworth.

Not the biggest, but Ian Woodman's Ouzel fish lit up his day

There, in the shelter of the old spice mill, Tosh Saunders won with a respectable 3-1 of perch followed by Tony Hirst on 2-2 and Rob Rawlins 1-1.

CARPER Jason Partlow is about to market a range of fishing clothing to raise money for Willen Hospice, see MKAA facebook page.

NOTE: midnight Wednesday sees the start of the legal close season on rivers and streams (March 15 to June 15 inclusive). Lodge and Caldecotte south lakes are both closed during the same period.

FIXTURES: Saturday, MKAA grand slam, venue to be decided, 01234 713144, Olney Ouse charity open 01234 240061; Sunday, Black Horse Lake open, 01908 690969; April 22, MKAA canal spring-league starts, entries open soon.