Picking a team is Tisdale's biggest headache ahead of Liverpool clash

Paul Tisdale knows he will have to let some players down when he selects his team to face Liverpool on Wednesday.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 10:44 pm
Paul Tisdale

With the game sold out and an estimated 29,000 in attendance, chairman Pete Winkelman has already called the game the biggest in the club's history.

And even though the result will be fairly irrelevant against the European champions, Tisdale says the biggest pressure he faces is picking the team.

"The biggest pressure is selection," he said. "It's personal, that's how I manage. I've picked the team for 20 years, I want them all to do well, whether they're 34 or 18, I want them to finish the season having had a great year. That is always my biggest worry, to keep everyone happy.

"When you get a game like this, I can only pick 11. It'll be different, comparing this week to last week. I love all the boys, they're like my second family. I want them all to do really well but I have to pick a team. Some will be really disappointed.

"It's only one game, and I'm sure they'll be disappointed if they're not picked against Sunderland too, but this is the one they all want to play in. Of all the pressures I have, that's the biggest."