Rollers take it up a league

MK Steamrollers
MK Steamrollers

MK Lightning aren’t the only hockey team forced to leave the city to play - but it hasn’t stopped MK Steamrollers from winning promotion.

In just their second season since forming, the team, led by Mike Lucas, will play in BIPHA South Division 2 next year, losing just twice on their way to second in the standings.

But the club’s success doesn’t end there as South East Steamrollers won promotion too, and they’ll play in Division 1 next season.

But without a nearby roller hockey rink, Steamrollers are forced to Lutterworth to train, while playing matches in Bisley, Surrey.

“It has been a great story in the last two years,” said Mike. “We were part of the ice hockey scene when it first came to Milton Keynes and we all went our separate ways.

“But we got back together, and the banter was the same, the desire to compete was just the same too.

“We’ve gone from six to eight regular players, we now have more than 30 people playing. And the success speaks for itself.

“Roller hockey is a fast game, so you need quick reactions - not easy for some of us now! But our experience on the ice gives us an extra edge we feel. It’s physical too.

“We’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved. We want to carry it on, and it if means getting more players and more teams going, then that’s what we’ll have to do. “

South East play their final games of the season this Sunday, while MK take on Swindon on the final day a week later.