Rolling into new season

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It was a thrilling start to Milton Keynes Roller Derby’s home season with a double header game last weekend.

First up were MK’s female B team, the Udder team, who took on Portsmouth Roller Wenches’ B team.

Despite effective blocking from Carolyn Laird and Elaine Brassington, Portsmouth streaked ahead, ending the first half on 130-26.

The Udders worked to close the gap in the second half, with a tactical star pass to pivot Emily Brady and resilient jamming from Maria Shah, but Portsmouth were ultimately victorious, finishing 270-49.

Next up was an intense and gripping game between MK’s mixed gender team, Co-Ed Breakers, who took on Portsmouth’s Scurvy Wenches. Portsmouth were initially leading, with strong jamming from RIP McMurphy and Kane, but the Co-Ed Breakers began to pull away as jammers Danny Stevens and Rowena Fellows took lead and started scoring points.

Heavy hitting from blockers Adam Arnold and Martin Swift saw Portsmouth’s jammers being repeatedly recycled to the back of the pack, while jammers Dan Baillie and Simon Woodcock flew effortlessly around the track picking up points.

The score stood at 89 – 65 in MK’s favour at the start of the second half, with Portsmouth’s jammers Hekyll n Glyde and Dropkick Molly working hard to close the gap.

Tight packs and offensive blocking from both sides meant jammers had their work cut out for them, but the Co-Ed Breakers were leading comfortably until Portsmouth staged an aggressive comeback in the final ten minutes.

Both teams went all out, with decisive jamming from Matt Green and intense defence from Victoria Griffith finally sealing the Co-Ed Breakers’ victory at166 -164.