Bletchley Ladies romp to victory over Wymondham

After an enforced break due to opposition cancelling and postponing matches, Bletchley Ladies finally got back on the turf Sunday and made light work of Wymondham Ladies in a 42-7 win.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 1:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 1:47 pm

After an enforced break due to the opposition cancelling/postponing matches, Bletchley Ladies finally got back on the turf Sunday, hosting Wymondham Ladies. The visitors opened the game, with Bletchley taking the catch cleanly and pushing up. After a series of phases, a kick down the pitch was chased and successfully secured. They continued to drive up the pitch, then had the ball ripped at a ruck. Wymondham kicked the ball back down the pitch, but it was secured by Clare Stacey and Bletchley pushed back. A penalty at a ruck gave Wymondham an opening, giving them a kick to put play back into Bletchley’s half. However, Bletchley took the line out and continued their onslaught, aided by Wymondham returning the favour with a penalty of their own. Having worked play back up the pitch, Bletchley gave a couple of penalties and Wymondham pushed play back to the middle of the pitch. a turn over at the ruck gave Bletchley control again, but a kick to gain ground was taken by the visitors and they worked the ball through the hands, pushing up the pitch to take the first points with a converted try, after ten minutes of play; 0-7.

Wymondham secured the ball from the restart, but Bletchley were hot on their heels, tackling and then ripping the ball from the ensuing scrum. Betty Susova drove hard down the pitch, then a penalty at the ruck allowed Bletchley’s guests to kick to touch and gain control. They secured their line out, and worked through the phases, only to have a ruck overturned and lose all the ground they’d gained. Bletchley pushed hard, passing along the line, then a knock on gave Wymondham some respite; they chose to kick the advantage away, and the ball found the hands of Jodie Dimmock, who ran it up. She passed it out to Stacey, who ran it into the visitor’s 22, where she was tackled out. Wymondham secured their line out, but again lost the ball at a ruck, and Bletchley passed along the line to Susova, who put it down for Bletchley’s first points; 5-7.

Bletchley were now in gear, and two more tries followed in quick succession; another from Susova, then one from Stacey, taking the score to 15-7.

The final twenty minutes of the half saw no further score, as both teams dug in whenever their opposition moved in range of the touch line. Play moved back and forth, but neither team could make that final move to more the numbers on the score sheet.

Bletchley came back to the game on fire in the second half. Just over ten minutes played, Rachael Taylor had added another ten points, moving the score to 25-.

Wymondham’s kick to restart was taken cleanly by Bletchley, and they pushed up to Wymondham’s 22. A tap from Bletchley was taken by their guests, who drove play back. After a series of phases, Bletchley ripped the ball, but almost immediately gave a penalty to return it to their visitors’ hands. Luckily, Wymondham almost immediately did the same. Bletchley took a quick tap and ran up, passing as they went, only to have a miss timed run result in a forward pass. Wymondham had a scrum, just inside their half, allowing them to move play back into Bletchley’s half. Although Wymondham retained possession, Bletchley’s defence pushed them back, and soon they were back in their own half by 10m, then 20m. Bletchley then secured a loose ball and ran play up to the 22.

A panic pass from a tackle was taken by Wymondham, only to be tackled out, giving Bletchley the line out. They knocked on returning the advantage to their visitors, who secured their scrum and pushed play back into Bletchley’s half. Bletchley set up a strong defensive line, and after the initial momentum from their guests, managed to push them back, then hold their line. Then a penalty allowed Wymondham to gain the 22, before giving their own penalty. Bletchley took a quick tap and passed along the line, then kicked down the pitch. Wymondham were first there, then gave a penalty for holding on at the ruck. Bletchley kicked to touch and secured the lineout in the middle of the pitch. They passed out, then Wymondham managed to secure a loose ball, passed out and worked things till they had space to kick it away. Dimmock was waiting and took the ball, only for Wymondham to rip it back a couple of phases along. Another penalty gave them more space, but Bletchley intercepted a pass and moved play back their way, running up and then kicking. Their visitors got to the ball first but lost the ball in the ruck. A knock on from Wymondham as they contested a later ruck added to Bletchley’s advantage. They secured their scrum, passed to Susova, who drove forward into Wymondham’s 22.

Another knock on form Wymondham gave Bletchley a scrum in their visitors’ 22. Susova picked from the back drove forward then set up a ruck. The ball passed to Emma Lucey who ran it up. Bletchley recycled over and over, waiting for the gap. The ball passed out to Dimmock, then Stacey, but Wymondham managed to hold it up as it went over the line. Bletchley still had possession, with a 5m scrum. The ball passed out to Lil Stanton, who put it down over the line. Taylor added the extras this time, moving the score to 3277, with just eight minutes to play.

Bletchley hadn’t finished. They already had the bonus point, but had more to do. The final eight minutes saw them add two more tries, first from Taylor, then from Stacey, both unconverted, giving a final score of 42-7.

Bletchley Ladies are a friendly team who play hard, both on and off the pitch. They are now in their 3rd season of level 3 rugby, playing in the Ladies Championship Midlands 2 league. They are always looking for new players and are hoping to get a second team off the ground this season, so why not come down and see what they are about? Training is at Bletchley rugby club, Manor Fields, on a Wednesday evening, and some Thursdays. Bring your body and your boots and give rugby a go.