Strong Moseley side overpower Bletchley Ladies

Bletchley Ladies suffered another defeat on Sunday, this time against a atrong Moseley side as they went down 38-17.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 5:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 5:02 pm

With weather causing havoc to Moseley's pitches, the game was moved to nearby Bourneville Rugby Club on an all-weather pitch. The teams looked well-matched in the opening minutes, with Bletchley taking possession from Moseley’s opening kick, working the phases and moving play up to Moseley’s 22. Bletchley pushed hard, but Moseley dug in and prevented every attempt on the line. Eventually, after possession moved between the teams in Moseley’s 22, the hosts kicked clear. A penalty from Bletchley gave them a further chance, they took a quick tap, passed out and then made a break down the pitch to take the first points; 5 – 0, and 10 minutes into the game.

Play continued to be shared, with both teams fighting hard. Bletchley took the honours after the restart, with Moseley knocking on, and pushed into Moseley’s territory. After a series of phases, a knock-on gave the ball back to their hosts. They secured the scrum, then passed along the line before a break down the pitch. Clare Stacey and Rachael Taylor put in the chase; Stacey slowed the run, then Taylor tackled Moseley out, giving Bletchley a line out just in their 22. Isla Peters took the catch, then Bletchley set up a maul, before peeling off the back, passing out and kicking to touch. Moseley now had the line out, just out from Bletchley’s 22. They popped the ball down, passed along the line, then ran for the line, only to drop the ball before securing the touchdown. Bletchley had the scrum, worked across the pitch and then attempted to clear their line; the ball didn’t go far enough and Moseley took possession, luckily knocking on in the pass. Bletchley lost their scrum and Moseley continued to push for the line. The Bletchley bulldog came out, and they held out for a good five minutes, but eventually, Moseley got the ball down in the corner; 10 – 0, 25 minutes gone.

Taylor’s restart kick went deep, with Moseley taking the catch 10m from their 22. Possession alternated, but slowly Moseley moved play up into Bletchley’s half. They continued the pressure, regaining possession time and again, working up into Bletchley’s 22. Eventually, a knock on gave Bletchley a scrum 10m out from their line; Betty Susova picked the ball up from the back and wheeled round the side, driving play out of the 22. Moseley managed to rip the ball from a ruck, then were tackled into touch. The ball dropped on a Bletchley boot first, so Moseley took the honours; they popped the ball down, then passed back and forth, looking for an opening in the Bletchley defensive line. No chance, and they went into touch, giving Bletchley the lineout. Bletchley took full advantage, working playback up the pitch, but were unable to capitalise on this before the whistle for half time.

Bletchley opened the second half, kicking to Moseley’s 22. They took the ball, worked a couple of phases to move play away from danger, then made a break to take the first points of the second half just a couple of minutes into play. Bletchley defended hard, but ten minutes later, Moseley added another converted try, after touching down between the posts; 24 – 0.

It was beginning to look like Bletchley were in for a whitewash, but they had other ideas. Five minutes later, Susova put the ball down in the corner for Bletchley’s opening points; 24 – 5, with the addition of a yellow for their opposition. However, Bletchley didn’t make full use of the numbers advantage, and just two minutes later, Moseley added to their tally with another try under the posts; 31 – 5.

Bletchley pushed back. Moseley took the restart catch and pushed up their half. Bletchley tackled them out; Peters made a good lean to claim the ball and popped it down. Bletchley moved back up the pitch, helped by a tap over the top from scrum-half, Emma Lucey. Moseley took the catch, but Bletchley ripped possession back at the ruck, continuing to work their way up the pitch. A brief injury stop gave Bletchley a scrum; Susova peeled off the back and pushed into Moseley’s 22. Another brief stop, then Bletchley had a scrum 10m out. They secured the ball, passed out from the scrum to Stacey, who ran it in to close the gap a bit; 31 – 10.

Bletchley took possession from the restart, then gave a scrum to their hosts for crossing. Moseley secured this, then were further helped by a penalty from Bletchley; a quick tap and a run and they took another set of points; 38 – 10.

The final points of the game went to Bletchley, four minutes later, with Stacey intercepting a Moseley pass and catching them on the hoof, pelting down the pitch to put the ball down between the posts; 38 – 17. Although there were ten minutes remaining, neither team could make any further points.

Next Sunday, Bletchley travel up to Birmingham for their return match with Moseley Ladies.