Sam's the man in Olney

Sam CortezeSam Corteze
Sam Corteze
It was big fish or nothing for most who braved the weekend's Siberian winds '“ usually the odd chub to those wandering the river banks.

Among those were a pair to 5-4 caught by Den Reid on his favourite bread flake, while Neil Richardson had EIGHT to 4-5 (and four roach) from the Ouse in what, given the conditions, was a frantic three hours.

Earlier in the week a 6-3 chub had fallen to – Sam Corteze who was fishing double PINKIE – and together with a few smaller fish, put him top of Olney's Tuesday match.

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Second in that went to Andy Webster with two 2lb+ perch and 10 roach for 7-6 with Alan Carr third on 6-4 of chublets. Pete Hawley had 4-9 with Les Wallace fifth with just one fish...a 3-0-8 perch.

KEVIN Osborne was in a world of his own, Sunday, in a knock-up on the Ouzel Bully section. Drawn on a peg seemingly containing every roach for miles around, he trotted bronze maggot under stickfloat on running line for 14-4 – mostly good quality redfins! The others looked on...and didn't bother to weigh-in.

MK Matchgroup's Ian Smith was on the Nene up at Islip were he had a brace of 7lb bream and roach to a pound.

OSPREY'S Lawn Farm, Cambs, trip was a dour do by their standards as Martin Faulkner won with 57lb followed by Steve Carthy 31lb and Colin Drage 26lb.

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ALDERS: midweek, Trevor Price 83lb, Graham West 72lb, Lee Newson 69lb; Sunday, Price 63lb, Colin Fosdyke 25lb, Richard Brain 20lb.

TOWCESTER Vets, Bugbrooke canal, Wednesday: Tosh Saunders 5-12...3lb of which was one perch, Grenville Read 4-11, Brian Ayliff 4-9.

MK Vets, Bradwell canal, Wednesday: Paul Chapman 5-6, Neil Hughes 2-11, Martin Cunniffe 2-3.

OLNEY, Ouse open, Sunday: Alan Lambert 4-6 (two perch), Pete Hawley 4-0-8 (inc a 3-3 tench), Dave Partridge 2-5-8.

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CALVERT, Ouse, Buckingham: Charlie Green 3lb, Dave Lewis 2-15, Barry Witteridge 1-1.

NENE-Towcester, Grafton Regis canal: Andy Kimpton 1-1, Bas Eaton 0-14, Dave Gibbins 0-10 – all had one perch apiece.

A DEADBAIT in the cut at Fenny brought Nuala Grey a superbly conditioned 13lb pike.

THE Canal River Trust's Stoke Bruerne open weekend saw over A THOUSAND people viewing a fish tank holding samples of local species. A fantastic profile-raiser for fish and fishing among the general public! Nene coaches provided 'come and try' sessions for youngsters prepared to endure the weather.

FIXTURES: Sunday, MKAA individual league round (river) 07970 047506; Tuesday and Feb 25 (now switched to the Sat) Olney Ouse opens 01234 240061.

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