Speedway ‘will not be returning’ to MK next season

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Proposals to bring speedway team Milton Keynes Knights back to town have fallen through.

The team were surprised to hear of a move to bring the sport back to Milton Keynes which broke earlier this year, but were eager to speak to stakeholders in a bid.

However, a statement from the team this week confirmed talks for a move back for 2015 have fallen well short of the mark, and revealed that Knights would be racing in Mildenhall again next season.

It read: “During the course of these ongoing discussions it has become apparent that Speedway will not be returning to Milton Keynes in 2015. The discussions are ongoing but details remain vague at present but we are still hopeful that the backers will be in a position to bring their plans to fruition in time for the 2016 season.

“The current promotion are still fully committed to supporting this proposal and as any further information becomes available we will make it known.

“Given the situation as explained above the MK Knights have moved swiftly to secure a home for 2015 and are pleased to announce that we have been able to agree terms with the Mildenhall promotion that will see the team return to West Row next season.”