Students teach football to Brazil’s homeless

MPMC Milton Keynes students travel to Brazil to coach football to homeless children
MPMC Milton Keynes students travel to Brazil to coach football to homeless children

A trio of students travelled to Brazil 2014 this summer, after being hand-picked for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to give football coaching to homeless children just a stone’s throw from a World Cup venue.

Vicky Ashley, 18, Sabrina Crook 18 and Jason Pinnock, 21, all study at Milton Keynes College. The friends went to Curitiba and took part in the event organised by British Charity Lionsraw.

Sabrina said: “We just get the most we can out of the whole experience. Talking to the other coaches as well, everyone was buzzing. It’s such a great experience to try to help the community and bring the kids and get them off the streets and into this.

“I just love the kids’ respect for you. They don’t know us but they listen and they just hang on every word.”

The charity aims to mobilise passionate football fans from the UK to volunteer their time and money in order to make a difference to the lives of young people globally through football.

This trio were among 15 students from across the country. They were chosen for the trip because of their commitment to their Level 3 Sports and Exercise Science course, their passion for football, and their volunteering in extracurricular activities. All three have previously been involved with the sports charity, Streetgames, working within their Football Fives and US GIRLS programme.

Ollie Jordan, Sports Development Manager at Milton Keynes College, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their skills in a hands-on setting. We strive to give our students excellent opportunities both inside and outside the classroom which will enhance their career options.

“We are always open to new initiatives, and we aim big. We are excited to build upon our partnership with Streetgames in the future and we hope this will be the first of more international sporting opportunities.”

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