Summer league gets off to a flyer

The Milton Keynes Mixed Summer Hockey League got off to a flying start on Tuesday night with three action packed games.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 10:00 am

The season kicked off with a 4-2 victory for Mad Max against a strong South Africa side which saw all six goals from six different scorers.

The game of the day sent Bogies Explosion to the top of Division 1 for the first time in their history by taking the lions share of a 12-goal thriller against Cows with an 8-4 victory, Callum Clarke did not feel the need to share his goals as he picked up a hat-trick, this game saw the first use of the new rule with Bogies Explosion gaining a four-goal lead meaning they automatically go down to 10 players.

The Summer League draws players in from all of the surrounding areas and it was great to see the return of a club legend Adam Mott for Cows who bagged himself a cracking strike too.

The last game of the day was a spiteful affair between Storm and Bunyan. A Lewis Jobbling strike saw the youth, energy and talent of Storm take the lead and even when Bunyan got their first goal back, Storm held strong with some determined play.

Storm then began to run out of puff, pace, energy and lastly ideas when the wily ‘experience’ of Bunyan showed that passing and playing as a team often beats simply fitness and talent.

As Storm began to grow frustrated with themselves and each other, culminating in the first green card of the league being handed out to captain Corey Jamieson, they left spaces for Bunyan to penetrate a total of five times in a 5-1 win for Bunyan.

A special mention has to go to ‘keeper Sam Jackson as without his dominating display, against far more experienced forwards, the goals could have been crippling.