Tench come on feed after the rain

That was the week of the tench that was '“ for some '“ as tincas went on feed in several local waters.

Wednesday, 16th August 2017, 4:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:45 am
Lee Marshall

Rob Barra led the way with a magnificent 9-4 specimen from Rocla pit – a water treating him well as he banked a 33lb common there earlier in the year.

Among those also reporting tench, Jamie Boomer had a 6-8 – boosting his PB by 2 ounces – from Bradwell Lake, which Dave Dutton visited for the first time and caught his first-ever tench, at 5lb! Arthur Terrill had a Brad'll 4-8 and even I had one (smaller) while after the roach which have also come on feed.

Olney's Ouse produced a brace of five-pounders to over-nighter Paul Andrews.

Phil Mapp

On the carp front, Ian Bardell had a 27lb common from Newport's Big Pit and Joseph Green a 16-12. On MKAA's Lodge, Mike Carroll had a brilliant gold-coloured koi and seven other carp, including 'three scale' at 16-9.

Lee Marshall and Gary Owen have been having fun with Ashlands' mini-carp while Chris Hall was doing the same at Wolverton Mill.

PHIL Mapp – still roaming the Ouse for chub – had them to 5-6 this week, along with a 5lb fish he'd caught a month earlier and recognisable from marks on its flank which look just like finger-marks.

MIKE Reveller had a great session on the Ouzel and, fishing a spot from which he had a 1-12 roach seven years back...had three one-pound-plus redfins to 1-7 and lost two more good 'ins.

Phil Mapp

SATURDAY's MK individual league round, saw Alan Ford win with 26-14 of bream. Phil Wintle netted 21-5 and Paul Hamilton (now leading on 61 points) 20-7.

OSPREY, Alders: Ricky Quick 172lb, Ed Blane 164lb, Mark Quick 121lb.

CALVERT, Itter's Pit: Ben Holdaway 19-10, Dave Lewis 15-12, Barry Witteridge 10-4.

MK Vets, Tear Drops: Austin Maddock 13-2, Alan Ford 12-4, Les Smith 12-1.

LINFORD, 'wharf' canal: Nick Barker 8-10, Roy Hefferon 8-6, John Hough 4-12.

OLNEY, Ouse: Pete Hawley 5-14, Neil Shearn 3-1, Pete Laughton 2-11.

MKAA inter-club, Mill Road cut: Colin Chart 5-11, Steve Chilton 4-7, Paul Chapman 3-9.

FIXTURES: Sat (Aug 19) Tear Drops-Lodge closed, summer league; Aug 27, Black Horse Lake open, 01908 690969; Sept 9, individual league, Brush Mill and Toombes, 01234 713144.

FURZTON Festival opens: Aug 23, Ken Ball (over 55s) 01908 565446; Aug 26 float only and, Aug 28, Frank Swan – GoneFishin 01908 313158 for both.