The gym to help you become Immortal

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Hidden in industrial unit 38 near the Bradwell Abbey is one of the last place you’d expect to find a breeding ground for future world champions.

But at Immortal Gym, that is exactly what they are doing.

The mixed martial arts gym is open six days a week, hosting classes from boxing and kick-boxing to sparring and MMA for all ages, sizes and abilities.

And with a boxing ring, practice mats, bags and an ominous looking cage, overseen by a giant spray painted skull mural on the wall, the gym is fully kitted out with everything a fighter might need to succeed.

“It’s quite hidden, a bit of a hidden gem, but it’s a good place to train,” said Tyrone McCormack, who teaches several classes at the gym.

“There are some great coaches here, some good young fighters and we’re here to get them to that standard.”

The junior classes are proving particularly popular lately, and is growing as an alternative sport.

But Tyrone admits parents are still nervous about letting their children take up the sport.

However, he says there are so many positives to take from the training sessions.

“It teaches respect,” he said. “If you’re getting bullied, it teaches you to understand people can get hurt.

“People are scared of what they don’t know. If you come here, you won’t get attitude when you walk in.

“And you don’t get that when you walk in to a boxing gym either.

“When you’ve been fighting, you know what damage you can do. Most martial arts people I know don’t need to prove themselves and start trouble.

“When I was a kid, I experienced being bullied and it is scary. But that’s the reason I got into martial arts.”

Tyrone has also noticed an increase in the number of women taking up the sport, though he believes there is still room for improvement.

He said: “When I was fighting 20 years ago, there were very few girls taking part.

“Even now we still struggle, but there are a lot more, and they’re good, so be aware!”

One of those female fighters coming up through the ranks is 14-year-old Bee Kolcak.

Despite only fighting for two years, Bee helps out the younger fighters with their training sessions.

“The younger they start, the better,” she said. “Even if they don’t want to fight, it helps them get confidence.

“I’ve seen a few nervous parents, but when I teach their kids, they can see I’m quite good with them, we can mess around and we are friendly.

“As the children get better, their parents are a lot better about it.”

But it isn’t just the attitude of parent that MMA has to overcome - it’s the attitude of the average person on the street.

Multiple champion Linton Vassell, who will be fighting in top American series Bellator later this year, feels MMA is a sport just like any other.

He said: “It’s a sport more than it is barbaric. I don’t like the name ‘cage fighting’ - I think it sounds stupid.

“You’re in there to out-do your opponent.

“At the end of the day, you shake their hands.”

Having taken up the sport eight years ago, Linton, from Broughton, has climbed the ladder in this country and is now an international force.

However, he feels that even if people don’t want to fight at a semi-professional level, training at Immortal Gym helps people develop skills and confidence to take with them into other areas.

He said: “There are loads people who have come here and didn’t know much, and in six months you can really see a huge improvement.

“Immortal is a great gym to be with. There’s always training partners.

“Loads of kids classes are on, adult classes, MMA, kick-boxing, boxing. There’s something for everyone.”

If you’re interested taking part in any of the classes at Immortal Gym, visit or call 07581 006524 for more information.