The Swarm is ready to sting

Linton “The Swarm” Vassell is living his dream as a mixed martial arts star in America, but he has his eyes set on becoming a household name.

The Broughton man has been fighting as part of Bellator circuit, Linton has been quick off the mark.

Linton Vassell

Linton Vassell

In his three fights, he has come away with some impressive stats.

“They didn’t go very long, maybe a minute each!” he said. “It’s really good. I’ve had three fights over there. I want to fight again in October, so it’s going really well.”

And far from taking on fighters to make up the numbers, The Swarm is climbing the card, and is expected to be lined up with a big name fighter when he next travels across the Atlantic.

He said: “They’re top 10 names, so I’m just waiting for my manager to come back to me with confirmation. We’re looking at some big names, so hopefully it’ll be a main card fight.”

It’s a far cry from his early days in MMA, but it is a journey which has allowed him to give up his day job as a brick layer to take it on full time.

He said: “I was brick laying for 16 years, and I’ve taken this on now full time. My conditioning is better, my technique has got better and I’m an all-round better fighter.

“When I was laying, I was training once a day, and now, I’m training two or three times a day.”

His success though, which he admits is a dream come true, hasn’t stopped him from setting his ambitions even higher.

He said: “This is the level I’m at now. I used to watch these sorts of fights on TV, and wonder whether I could ever get there. I never thought I would.

“Now I’ve won a few fights and a few titles, it has all come together, and now I’m there with a few of the big stars, so it’s a big dream.

“There are a few UK fighters out in America at the top level, but that’s what they want. They want boys from all over the world.

“Here in MK, I get noticed by people who have watched some of the UK fights, but I can walk around in America a bit easier!

“Hopefully that’ll change, once I start win a few more fights on Bellator.

“I watched a few UFC and MMA fights, I never thought I’d be doing it. I wouldn’t change it.”

And with a big name fight on the horizon, Linton’s plans for the future are simple.

He said: “Just keep winning, and get the world title.”

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