Time away hasn’t stopped Terri

Terri Griffiths
Terri Griffiths

Terri Griffiths has made a dramatic return to the world of bodybuilding, 19 years after her last competition.

The 42-year-old from Springfield snuck back onto the scene after nearly two decades to qualify for the UKBFF finals, and shocked even herself when she came eighth in the country.

And last weekend, she became the first person to qualify for next year’s championships after winning The Stars of Tomorrow show in Hayes.

“I was really surprised to come away with the results I have,” said Terri.

“I have been running marathons, most recently in Milton Keynes and in Brighton. I saw my pictures and thought I looked in good enough shape to start preparing for competition again.

“After a few months in the gym and working hard, I am where I am now.”

Having now qualified forthe 2014 finals, Terri cannot compete in any more events, but knows where she needs to improve.

She said: “I love running, but the muscle groups you use don’t lend themselves to bodybuilding, so I’ll have to stop that for a while.

“Obviously, having come eighth this year, I want to go to the UKBFF finals next year and win it.”