Tisdale does not regret missing out on August attacking options

Paul Tisdale may have missed out on several targets during the summer transfer window, but he believes the emergence of Sam Nombe leaves him with no regrets.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 12:47 am
Rhys Healey celebrates with Sam Nombe

The 21-year-old striker made a big impression on the manager, becoming a first-team regular. However, after injuries to Rhys Healey and Joe Mason, Nombe soon joined them in the treatment room and looks set to be sidelined until 2020.

Dons terrible form of late sees them just a point above the relegation zone, and their lack of striking options means they have scored just twice in nine games. But despite the odds stacking against them, Tisdale says he does not regret the decisions to back Nombe instead of bringing in someone for the sake of it before the window closed in August.

He said: "We're in a pickle with a lack of options, those players aren't imminent in their returns. But do I regret Sam Nombe making that impact in those four or five games? No I don't. I'm terribly sorry he got injured though. I do not regret the decisions I made in those moments.

"We made the decisions at the time that were appropriate for the budget and the players we had. We debated it, we tried to sign the right players but didn't manage to get them. We tried to get a player on loan but that didn't manage to land them for whatever reason. Then we debated just signing a player or two just to get someone in.

"At that moment, I decided I wanted to give Sam Nombe the opportunity because it seemed the right thing to do. He showed a bit of promise. With hindsight, I wish I had because of Sam's injury, but when we get through all this, we'll look back in the future and say this was the making of Sam Nombe."

While Healey, Mason and Nombe are out for the long term, Kieran Agard and Ben Reeves' returns are drawing closer after the pair made substitute appearances against Coventry and Rochdale this week.

"They're two different injuries," he added. "Kieran has played a lot of football in the last year, and has missed three weeks. Ben has been out for a lot longer, missed pre-season so it is a very different scenario."

Paul Tisdale