Two fish of a lifetime for Phil

Fish of a lifetime can be a bit like buses. You spend ages trying to catch ONE '“ and then TWO come along at once!

Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 4:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 2:39 pm
Phil Mapp

That is what happened to Terry Davis, fishing Bradwell Lake Sunday morning on his long-term quest for a double-figure bream.

Grabbing one of the few vacant swims, his first cast 11-2 slab which left him 'well made up' as he sat bite-less for a further two hours.

Then his feedered worm tempted three more slabs to 9-15. But next time his tip went round it was a huge tench doing the taking the scales all the way to 10-6 – and almost doubling his PB!

That beat MKAA's seven year old record (another Bradwell fish) by a clear 12 ounces.

But Terry didn't know that and, having weighed it with his mate at the next peg – who blanked – slipped it back without getting a second witness.

"I thought the record was higher than that, but it doesn't matter: I know I caught it. They were both fish of a lifetime and I suppose I was still blown away with my double-figure bream, something I'd been trying to catch for years," he said.

The previous evening had also seen him on wind-lashed Bradwell, netting four slabs to 8lb and fishing alongside Pete Patton who bagged seven between 6lb and 10lb. Pete said: "That was my first visit – what a great venue!"

JOHN Pearson has posted pictures of an enormous bream on MKAA's facebook page, landed from Bradwell, Saturday, which he says went 'just over 16lb!' Jamie Boomer had them to 10-1.

OVER on Willen south Phil Mapp, reported through Tackle Hub, has been having a ball with the 90 acre lake's big slabs. On Newport's Big Pit Ade Watson had six from 6lb to 8lb.

TOMORROW, Friday (June 16): the new legal river season opens. So does Lodge, Caldecotte south and Towcester's Astwell Mill.

ALDERS open: Derek Smith 211lb, Trevor Price 197lb, John Beesley 189lb.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Chris Lovelock 148lb, Ed Blane 107lb, Rob Napper 69lb.

MK Vets, Bradwell Lake: Paul Hamilton 64-14 (slabs), Mick Sutton 20-2, Colin Chart 17-14.

MILL Pond, Husborne Crawley: Paul Caton 44-4, Paul Abbott 16-14, Kevin Osborne 13-14.

DATS evening series, New Inn canal, small fish showing: Ernie Sattler (end peg again) 6-4, Paul Keal 3-10, Wayne Robinson 2-15.

LINFORD, club canal: Mick Hefferon 4-9, Ron Dorrill 2-12, Sean Wilson (Willards staffer in his first-ever match) 2-6.

FIXTURES/notices: Saturday, MKAA individual league round, Furzton (A & B closed until 6pm) 01234 713144; Sunday, Newport River open match, 07795 068428