Vassell submits in second round of Bellator title shot

Linton Vassell
Linton Vassell

Linton Vassell was forced into submission in the second round of his Bellator title fight on Friday night, losing out to reigning champion Ryan Bader.

Battling for the 205lb crown, the Broughton man, no stranger to the Bellator card, had early success with ranged kicks to the body.

But Bader, an expert in ground work, soon had Vassell wrapped up, forcing the referee to call short the fight a little under four minutes into the second round.

“We knew if we got on top, wore him out a little bit, rode him and started landing big bombs on him it would work," said the champion.

Vassell meanwhile tweeted: "Unfortunately last night didn’t go my way. You win and you learn, and I had to learn last night."