Vicky is bowled over by records

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TENPIN bowler Vicky Hawes from Milton Keynes broke a national record by scoring back-to-back 300s last week.

After a first game of 262, the 27-year-old then hit 12 strikes in a row, not once, but twice, to finish with an overall score of 862.

She is the only lady in the UK to achieve such a feat, and her 862 series has been confirmed by the governing body of bowling, the BTBA, as a national record, and is also believed to be a European record too.

Vicky said: “I went and shot a 262 in the first game and thought ‘this is all right’ and then bowled two 300s after that.

“The first one was my first ever and then my second came straight after that. There was another league bowling on the day and everyone came over to watch. All the lanes were being used – so there was quite a few people there and they all stopped, especially on the second one. I was a bit shaky.

“I’ve had a 290 before and could never finish it off. I don’t know if I just blanked everything out or not but something just clicked. Everyone says once it’s done once, the second one is a lot easier, but I don’t know, I was just as nervous on the second one to be honest.

“I had no idea I was throwing for a British record. It wasn’t until I put it on Facebook and made the point it was not a joke that people were coming back to me saying they thought it was a British record. Some people say they are certain it was a European record too.”