VIDEO: Man beats ‘the plank’ record

A fitness fanatic has smashed a world record after he held “the plank” position for the longest length of time.

Everton Paisley, 59, who says has “always loved a challenge,” broke the world record on Saturday at Flitwick Leisure Centre where he held ‘the plank’, which requires you to maintain a position just above the floor using just your elbows and feet, for one hour and 24 minutes.

The footage is now set to be sent off to the Guinness Book of World Records so that it can be verified.

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Following his success Everton, who lives in Ampthill, is now asking people to sponsor him to help his raise money Alzheimers Research UK, as he has an aunt who suffers with the disease.

The fitness instructor said: “It was really hard work. I got to about 20 minutes and then I just thought to myself ‘God I have another hour of this’.

“I was sweating so much at one point that it was really stinging my eyes, so my wife had to keep wiping the sweat off.

“There was a great turnout, I had about 60 people cheering 
me on, including my wife and two sons. Most of the time I was just looking down at the ground, but every so often I would look up and everyone would cheer. It really spurred me on.”

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Everton, who trains at Flitwick Leisure Centre six times a week, tutors in his spare time and he also works part-time as a bailiff.

He is a former police officer with Beds Police, and used to be a tutor at Redborne Upper School in Ampthill.

Everton has always been a fitness fanatic. In the past he has completed the Three Peaks Challenge, with the added twist of cycling between the mountains. He has also run 100 miles in 25 hours, and travelled between Oxford and Ampthill on a micro scooter.

He said: “I suppose I’ve always loved a challenge. I saw that the gym were running a promotion where you could win a three months’ membership if do the plank for over 30 minutes.

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“I decided to join in, just for fun as a member of staff, and I managed to do it for 32 minutes. I looked into seeing how long the world record was, which was one hour, 20 minutes, so I thought I would try and beat it, and I did.

“I’m really proud that I did it, it is a real test of endurance, but it’s a great sense of achievement.”

To make a donation text EVPA52 with your donation amount to 70070 or go to