When the going gets tough, some still get a bite!

Wicked winds, frosts and gin clear waters have been making fish hard to come by for all but the most skilled '“ or downright lucky '“ anglers on local waters.

Wednesday, 15th November 2017, 4:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:45 pm
Jamie Boomer

And while most fell to roving rods, the biggest reported Upper Ouse perch of the week – just an ounce short of 4lb – fell to Dave Gibbins in a pegged-down match at Newton Blossomville.

On Olney's section Paul Andrews netted a 5-11 chub...with Phil Lee catching the same fish at the same weight from the same swim two days later!

Further upstream Fishing Republic's Jack Maroney had a 4-12 after work, and Willards' Tom Ray bagged a couple of near-doubles pike.

Phil Mapp was among those catching chub on the Ouzel, netting a 5-pounder, while Jamie Boomer had a couple two – plus a mint-looking low double pike from Caldecotte.

FISHING the local cut last week one angler must have had visions of getting knocked in, kit and all, as a cyclist came steaming along led by a panting dog tied to his handlebars.

But just as collision looked inevitable – the adventurous mutt turned sharp right...towing hapless master with him into the cold, cold cut, bike and all. Please don't all guffaw at once.

NEXT year's world lure-fishing champs, involving up to 20 countries, is to be on Rutland Reservoir according to the Angling Trust.

MK Vets, Furzton: Steve Bettis 21-3 (inc 14-8 carp), Alan Ford 10-8, Bob Gale 8-12.

OLNEY Ouse midweek: Alan Carr 13-11, Paul Caton 12-8, Pete Laughton and Pete Hawley both 10-15; RBL open, Sunday: Steve Bull 7-10, Caton 6-4, Hawley 6-3-8.

MKAA get-together Riverside Meadows Ouzel: Colin Chart 9-13, Dave McClennan 8-5, Steve Chilton 5-8.

NENE-Towcester, Newton Blossomville Ouse: Dave Gibbins 4-10 (inc 3-15 perch), Pete Laughton 2-15, Mick Goodridge 0-14.

TOWCESTER Vets, Cosgrove canal: Goodridge 4-8, John Balhatchett 4lb (inc 1lb roach), Gren Reed 3-1.

CALVERT (bad day at Claydon Lake): Andy Franklin and Barry Witteridge both 0-1-0. Rest did not weigh.

THE Parks Trust has been replacing a number of platforms on Lodge Lake.

AN EA electro-fishing sweep from Fenny to Three Locks didn't produce the canal cats it was aimed at but saw 74 zander (an alien species) to 6lb removed.

FIXTURES: Dec 2 MKAA Xmas match Stony-Bradwell Ouse tickets local tackle shops or 01234 713144; Dec 5, Olney Ouse open with Xmas match on Dec 9, 01234 240061; Dec 19 Black Horse Lake pike match, 01908 690969 (Waters Edge).