Winter fishing could already be hotting up

Yes it is red hot summer '“ for a few days at least...but are we already seeing signs of a cracking winter to come on the river?

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 6:00 am
Bruce Harvey

For weeks now local Ouse silverfish catches have been on the up from Toombes and Stony Main down through Adams to Sherington Bridge, despite low levels and flourishing weed.

And Newport’s ‘bridge and back of the Abbey pits open took that trend to a new level as Paul Abbott won with 19-5 ahead of Myles Phillips 15-14 and Paul Caton on 14-15...with several others getting double or near double-figures!

Don King might have made the frame too, but was robbed as a big pike grabbed a 5lb barbel, crossways, snapping his line as it made off with its prize.

ON a completely different venue – Tear Drops 1 and 2 – ‘Abbo’ made it two wins from two matches as he topped MKAA’s Individual league third round with 15-12 of skimmers and roach on pinkie, well clear of Kevin Osborne 10-10 and Rob Dzialak 9-2. With three rounds left Neil Richardson leads, two points clear of Ernie Sattler.

ERNIE had already won another title, tying with Phil Bardell as joint winner of DATS’ Thursday evening series. Martin Cunniff won the final round of that (Tear Drops) with 4lb.

KINGFISHER’s Bruce Harvey caught five barbel to 7-9 during a break on the Bridgenorth Severn, a length so full of snags that he lost another five during their early rushes. Son Stuart had them to 7-2.

CALVERT, Itters Pit: Dave Lewis 25lb, Brian Bedward 11-11, ‘Jack’ 6-11.

MK VETS, Teardrops: John Robinson 8-15, Bruce Harvey 7-13, Austin Maddock 6-15.

KINGFISHER, Mill Road canal: Keith Harrison 8-13, Steve Chilton 7-14, John White 7-4.

OLNEY, midweek, Ouse: Chez Kaciniel 6-8-8 (inc 5lb tench) Neil Shearn 2-7-8, Pete Laughton 1-14.

GOOD carp have been moving all week on Furzton, Willen and Newport’s Big Pit.

NIGHT Fishing – perhaps ALL fishing – on Furzton is under threat again thanks to a tiny number of disgusting morons fouling a particular clump of lakeside bushes big-time.

Whether the culprits are anglers or not, it is the easiest targets, ANGLERS (carp, leisure AND match) who will pay the price of lost access unless we ALL work together to drive these vermin out.

So, if you value fishing the lake, please help MKAA, its bailiffs, the Parks Trust and police do just that.

FIXTURES: Furzton Fest; Aug 24, Vets, 01908 565446; Aug 27 ‘float only’, Aug 29 Frank Swan, all thru GoneFishin 01908 313158.

Sep 3, MK individual league third round Mill Road cut 01234 713144. Tues Sep 13, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061.

Sep 24 British canal pairs champs heat Peartree Bridge, enter on 01159 061301 or