Wrestling family get back in the ring

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A FAMILIAR name is returning to the Milton Keynes wrestling scene this month with the formation of a new promotion.

Sean Tofield son of the former Bletchley wrestler and midland area light weight champion Roger Tofield has set up a wrestling promotion and training school based in Bletchley.

From an early age, Sean’s ambition has always been to get involved in wrestling after watching his father and former champion Roger wrestle all over the country, and with his new ring in place, he plans to get his new promotion off the ground.

The format will be based on the original freestyle British rules but Sean appreciates the younger generation wrestling fans are only ever exposed to American wrestling so explains there will be something for everybody, wrestling fans young and old.

“It’s something that we’ve been wanting to get started for a while,” he explained. “What we are starting is different to the thing you’ll see on television, but goes back to the old-style of British wrestling.

“We’ve got people showing an interest already and we want as many people to come down as possible. We’ve got some ladies interested too, so it shows that it’s for everyone. Women’s wrestling is still very popular.

“We never teach people how to hurt each other, but the skills and techniques to make the show better.”

For information on training, which Sean hopes to get started at the end of January, contact Sean on 07853 256754.