And God Created Burton author in town

Author Tom Rubython
Author Tom Rubython

LAST year he released Shunt, The Story of James Hunt, and now the author Tom Rubython has turned his attentions to acting legend Richard Burton.

On Sunday he released And God Created Burton, a concise, detailed account of the actor who passed away back in 1984, at the age of 58.

When we say detailed, we mean exactly that – And God Created Burton runs to 61 chapters, looking closely at every aspect of Burton’s life, and runnning to a whopping 300,000 words!

The three main areas of the page-turner look at Burton’s personal life (he married five times), his finances (he was Britain’s highest ever paid actor) and naturally, that infamous career as an actor (had he followed the family trade he would have worked in the Welsh pits like his ancestors, and five of his seven brothers before him).

Burton’s is an incredible story, and tomorrow, the author will be signing first edition copies of the book at Waterstone’s Bookstore in Midsummer Place.

Tom will be signing for you between midday and 2pm.

Purchase for a present or splash the cash on the hardback and give yourself a bedside table treat...all 896 pages worth!