Block Rockin' Beats

Unsurprisingly this evening's show by Russell Kane at The Stables is sold-out, and so too is Stage 2's delivery by Peter Howarth, so we'll move swiftly on to Friday, and let you know about something that you can book for, and it's a winner '“ a band we could cheerfully watch live every week and they'd not bore us.

Thursday, 9th June 2016, 6:00 am

It’s fast approaching the four decade anniversary since the mob got together for Ian Dury’s seminal New Boots and Panties album, and though Dury is no longer with us, The Blockheads are still at play.

These days the band is fronted by Derek ‘The Draw’ Hussey, Ian’s long-time friend, and they sound as sensational as ever.

Sure, you’ll get the old smashes, but you’ll get a steady stream of new material that is on a par with classics like Reasons to Be Cheerful and What a Waste.

Where’s the Party? It’s wherever these musical connoisseurs turn up and plug in.

While Chaz Jankel, Micky Gallagher and Norman Watt-Roy (you can file his name with the all-time hierarchy of bassists) get busy in the Jim Marshall auditorium, Stage 2 presents Yvonne Lyon, who will be at work with the first of a two-night stint to get under her belt.

This singer-songwriter will be playing songs from her new album Held, and explaining the stories behind the tracks.

Saturday night presents music with the Supersonic 70’s Show, with ‘catsuit wondergirl’ Janey Bombshell at the helm of a pop bonanza – If you swooned for David Essex and The Osmonds, or subscribed to the glam side with Sweet and T.Rex, this is the show for you, and one ‘so mouth-watering, even a Curly Wurly cannot out-chew it,’ promise those bringing it here.

Remember that Yvonne Lyon is back on Stage 2 today, this time playing songs from her back catalogue.

Sunday’s performance by the vocally-suss Sons of Pitches, who famously took the title at last year’s BBC2 show The Naked Choir is sold-out, so hard luck if youmissed out.

Ronnie Spector will sing for you on Monday though,with the first show created specifically to pay tribute to the girl group she co-founded as a teenager.

Listen as Ronnie takes you on a musical trip back through hits including Be My Baby, Baby I Love You, Do I Love You and Walking in the Rain.

Inglorious play on Tuesday evening for those who like strong, hard rock in a distinctly classic vein.

They’ve only been a unit since 2014, but many of you will have seen Nathan James around before now, he took his chances with The Voice and on The X Factor, and hit the stage at MK Theatre a few years back in Thriller Live.

In the here and now though, it’s all Inglorious focused. The band issued their debut, self-titled album in February and it’s one for fans of Purple and Whitesnake, Bad Company and the Stones – that kind of mixed up, but classic vibe.

And that’s your lot for another week of Stables sounds.

To book, call 01908 280800.