forest of fools to play at Glastonbury

forest of fools will play this year's Glastonbury Festival.

Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 6:00 am
forest of fools

And not once, nor twice, but during the course of next month’s event they will stage step five times.

It’s a grand achievement for the band who have worked up a great following and whipped up a storm with live shows locally since coming together at the tail end of 2014.

A year ago they delivered the debut album All Good in the Wood, and have since followed that with the infections Jump-up Folk EP.

Things are hotting up nicely, and these Glastonbury dates are part of the To All In Tents (And Porpoises) Tour.

“The booking for Glastonbury marks a seminal moment in our musical career and the summer is currently shaping up to be that which dreams are made of,” told me.

“Glastonbury is the biggest and most widely renowned festival in the country, possibly the world and we’re all very proud to be a part of it.”

forest of fools will be playing their drum and bass-funk-folk punk mash-up around the country with swell dates and festival performances nigh on every weekend from June through to mid-September.

And the Somerset shows aren’t the only classy, credible stages they’ll be playing; Bestival, Boomtown and Secret Garden Party have all booked our boys with the fine line in the folking fabulous.

A real gelling of styles, a fusion of genres and a passion for creativity will see the boys travel far and wide this summer, but there are local dates to be had too, the next one on July 14 at MK Fringe Festival at The Chrysalis Theatre, so stick that in your diary.

And if you feel like giving the chaps some MK cheer when they are further afield, here’s the live schedule for To All In Tents (And Porpoises) as it stands:

The Great Escape – May 21

Glastonbury – June 22-26

MK Fringe – July 14

Secret Garden Party – July 21-14

Bimble Bandada – July 29-31

Camp Bestival – July 28-31

Wilderness – August 4

Forgotten Fields – August 5-7

Boomtown Fair – August 11-14

Small World – August 25-29

Bestival – September 8-11